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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Some Short Takes...2


I wouldn’t go so far as to say, “Don’t bother seeing the movie R.V.”. Not many people actually bought tickets for it when it was in the theatres a few months ago anyway. But I would suggest that you give it a chance...rent it, Netflix it, borrow it from a friend, wait until it comes to HBO or Showtime or Cinemax. In a nutshell, it is kind of a resurrection of the old Vacation flicks with Chevy Chase. Only this time, it stars Robin Williams and is set in a Class-A RV.

Other main characters are played by Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Joanna ‘Jo Jo’ Levesque (a recording “star”), and Jeff Daniels (whose film credits are too numerous to mention here). But the main “character” in this movie is not the parts portrayed on the screen, it is the director. For nothing else, watch this movie because it is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black, Get Shorty, the Addams Family). RV really has his signature “touch” so to speak, and it carrys the film. Personally, I feel it was the writing that fell short. Even with Robin Williams, there weren’t very many truly funny moments.

In brief, Williams plays an advertising executive who tricks his family into taking an RV vacation to Colorado (replacing their long-anticipated Hawaii trip). The family is unaware of the fact that Williams’ character is also on a mission for his nasty boss to meet a big client in hopes of saving the account. As I said, it really is a re-hash of the Vacation scenarios that ran its course over 20 years ago. It has the harried husband, the somewhat sympathetic wife, and two extremely bratty sarcastic children who don’t want to be on this trip (sound familiar?). There is a lot of physical comedy involving the RV of course, as well as many opportunities for Williams to utilize his rapier wit...but it all usually falls a bit short. The ending is a happy, predictable one...and you just may like this flick...keep an open mind.

School for Scoundrels

In between going to see the high profile, digital action adventures movie...I try to take Loretta to see a comedy on occassion. I say “take her” since she always the defers the choice of movie to yours truly...and she enjoys this type of light comedy fair. So, we saw School for Scoundrels.

Reason number one and two for us paying money to see this? Billy Bob Thornton and John Heder. Billy Bob because of Slingblade...John Heder because of Napolean Dynamite. First, we are big fans of Billy Bob...but are getting a little weary of watching his recent movies just to see if we can gleen any resemblance to Carl. As far a John Heder is concerned...the same goes for Napolean Dynamite. Thornton’s character in School for Scoundrels is miles away from Carl. But Heder’s character is still...well, a nerd! He’s a dork in this one as well. But wait. Heder has succeded in slowly making his way down the dufus scale since N.D. He is only half-dorky in this one, and his character actually displays a slight bit of intelligence and, yes, balls.

The story? Heder is a wimp who is always taken advantage of. In this, he plays a NY City meter maid guy who loses his job. Even his involvement in the Big Brother program fails as none of the kids want him as a Big Brother (got the picture?). Thornton plays a faux-psycholgist who runs a class for wimps...the School for Scoundrels...a bizarre, short course to re-instill confidence in losers. Heder’s character begins to do well in the class, Thornton’s character goes after Heder’s new-found girlfriend (Jacinda Barrett...very babe-a-licious Australian girl btw)...and the “game” is on.

This movie is more of a dark comedy at times, but bounces back and forth from cute romantic comedy and back to dark. It’s a little confusing to watch because of this script enigma. All in all, there is a happy ending, of sorts. John Heder does succeed in bringing down his dufus image a notch or two. If anyone saw Benchwarmers (as we did), you’ll agree that there seems to be a plan with his career moves. I’m not sure he will ever pull off a totally serious character...but stranger things have happened. Give School for Scoundrels a try when it becomes available to rent in a few months.

Fall, time to start the P.T.

Needless to say, we just came off of a brutal summer here in the valley and most other places. We’re completely fed up with the 100+ temps we saw for three straight weeks in July. It cooled down a bit for a month or two, then heated up again a couple of weeks ago...then rained like hell this week. But, for what its worth...it is Fall. And Fall is always a good weather time, while it lasts.

Fall in the valley usually means tule fog...that thick, nasty, valley ground fog that occasionally burns off in the afternoon to white-out haze. But when it’s not foggy, it’s half-way pleasant around these parts. Time to get out and walk. Today...I will walk the greyhound for the first time in a frigging year or so. Sammy has always been a good walker, he was raised that way at the track. After about 30 seconds of chaos when I reveal the leash, he settles down and just tools right along beside me. Greyhounds are walked regularly as part of their racing training, and he has never forgotten that. At some point in time, I will kick things up to a jog...but not for a while. When I have jogged with Sammy beside me, he only has to walk a bit faster...no big deal to a retired racing greyhound. I'm sure he finds it amusing when I jog.

So, for now...the neighborhood Sammy walk will kick off the P.T. for me. Maybe by next Spring, I will be able to attempt a 5k or a 10k run. No...really! Stop laughing! I mean it! Serious!


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