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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ludivine Sagnier

I was going to do a mini-review of the movie Swimming Pool (2003). But truthfully, in reality, this is a mini-tribute to one of the sexiest young actresses working today.

Before I begin my gush-fest, you must know that my daughter Jenifer just wrote a review for the movie The Last Kiss. She did a great writing job, presenting a comprehensive look at a new movie starring and about people in the 20-something age bracket...a genre that Hollywood (and movie-goers) never seem to tire of, no matter what year it is at present. Though Jen tried to be subjective about the merits of the movie, she was apparently overwhelmed by the movie’s star: Zach Braff. So, I believe my motivation for this “review” is based on similar, carnal reactions to a person in a movie...and not necessarily the film itself. With that disclaimer on the table, here goes another actress infatuation piece from yours truly.

When you get a moment, go to your favorite browser and type in the search box: Ludivine Sagnier. Chances are, this is first time you have ever heard of that name. In fact, I hadn’t heard that name until the day I stumbled upon the movie Swimming Pool (2003)...I think it was on Cinemax late one night.

Swimming Pool is a movie written and directed by French moviemakers (Francoise Ozon & Emmanuelle Bernheim). It’s officially listed as a Drama/Mystery/Thriller. It is true to that form, but let me add Erotic Thriller as well, since there is much of that in the movie...though not extremely graphic or overlydone. Nudity? Why, yes! More on that later.

There is a notable co-star in the form of English actress Charlotte Rampling, who, by the way, is not too shabby in her own right in the sexy department. Rampling is 60 years old now, but still has that speccial something that made her a pretty busy actress in the seventies and eighties...a lot of TV, a lot of French and British productions, and so on. Charlotte, by the way, takes it all off as well in one scene in Swimming Pool.

Back to this Ludivine Sagnier. In the movie, she plays the wild-child, French daughter of Rampling’s boss. Rampling is a mystery writer vacationing (and writing her next mystery novel) at her boss’ house in France when the wild-child, Julie (Sagnier) shows up unexpectedly. Julie is an 18 year old party animal who drags local Euro-creeps home with her at night...cavorting sexually and very audibly around the house...much to the dismay of Rampling’s stodgy character Sarah.

Eventually, the two become buddies of sort. Sarah also begins to assume the roll of Julie’s long lost mother at one point.

Well, Julie supposedly bashes in the skull of one of her suitors one night after he refuses to have sex with her in the swimming pool...are we getting the title’s connection yet? Said swimming pool is also the locale for many of the exchanges between Julie and Sara, Julie and the Euro-creeps, and an old fart who lives there and takes care of the gardening...and the swimming pool. Now, Sarah helps Julie dispose of the guy whose skull she bashed in. They bury him in the backyard...by the swimming pool of course. In the meantime, Sarah has been using Julie’s exploits as fodder for her book...busily writing on her laptop all day and into the night.

If I tell you any more, it will spoil a very interesting plot twist at the end. Suffice to say, Swimming Pool is an interesting, albeit low key movie that does hold your attention, especially if you are a guy! You see, Ludivine Sagnier is one of the sexiest little actresses I have ever seen in a movie. Sure, she plays a nasty girl-gone-wild character in this, but she is genuinely appealing...in a strange, thick French accent, barely-legal sort of way.

Julie (Sagnier) does romp around the swimming pool in her bikini quite a bit. Not to mention several nude scenes in the pool, her bedroom, the living room, the stairs...did I leave anywhere out? To put it arcanely, she is built like a brick shit house!

Sagnier’s appeal also lies in her uninhibited acting style as the character Julie. Fancy free, doesn’t give a shit about anything, and loves to smoke pot, drink, and party...not to mention fool around with whomever she pleases. It kind of brings back memories of the seventies for me. But maybe that is the way Europeans are now and have always been, especially the French.

Ludivine Sagnier was seen more recently as Tink(erbell) in Peter Pan...a decidely sexier rendition of that character than Disney envisioned...or Mary Martin. Of course, Mary Martin’s tinkerbell from the fifties was played by a flashlight...remember? Sagnier has been in a number of French films and European television productions. She is touted as being one who is “on the verge” (of stardom). It will be interesting to watch and see if that indeed does happen. My recommendation to her agent? She needs to be the next Bond Girl! And since we have a new James Bond coming very soon, her not-fitting-the-mold demeanor will be a breath of fresh air...and a look into the future of movie sexpots.

Ludivine Sagnier is a total hottie! And so are you Virginia Madsen...just bit more mature than Ludivine.


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You know, Ludivine has a little bit of a young Hayley Mills thing going on. Coincidence? I think not.

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