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Friday, September 15, 2006

Some Short Takes...

We saw The Illusionist. I was very hopeful of this film after viewing the trailer, afterall...Paul Giamatti is in it. It presented an intriguing story of a 19th century magician, political power struggles, a love story, and a murder mystery. It dragged a bit at times, but had a satisfying ending. I just couldn’t buy into Giamatti’s faux Austrian/English accent, nor Edward Norton’s high, nasal, lispy voice as a charismatic stage illusionist...remember how creepy he was in Primal Fear (1996)? We should have saved our money, waited one more day, and saw The Black Dahlia...there is always next week. BTW...anyone see Hollywoodland, is it worth the $6.50 (bargain matinee price of course)?


Reality shows...wow, will it ever end? Hardly, they represent a huge new boom in TV ad sales, evidently based on fan popularity. Someone must be watching them. The latest offering: Survivor, Cook Islands pits various ethnic groups against one another? They’re serious...it is not a skit from SNL. I guess I am not an objective critic of this genre. I have not now and have never had any interest in these shows. Did I say the word “not” enough yet? Soon, look for reality show offerings like Survivor Compton: The Crips and the Bloods, Survivor Omaha: The Farmers and the Ranchers, Euro-Survivor: The Rude versus the Bad Teeth, or Survivor Hollywood: the Asskissers and the Backstabbers. I don’t get it.


The weather...what’s up with that? There was no Spring this year, at least in California. It went from rainy and cold to very hot and dry in one weekend. Those 105+ days in July were literally a killer. We’ve been near 100 again for a week or so, and the forecast today is for a high of 81! It was 97 yesterday and it is supposed to be 81 today! The weather geeks tell us that one of the reasons for our weird weather of late is because the Earth is a couple of degree warmer since 100 years ago. How the hell can they accurately say that? How accurate were the thermometers 100 years ago, let alone the record-keeping? Now they tell us that the Hole-In-The-Ozone-Scare (scam) the past 20 years was probably a natural, cyclical thing...it is closing up again...naturally! Another in a long line of town cryer, attention-getting ploys by geek scientist types with way too much time on their hands. I suggest that these technical scientific people should be made to wear stiff plastic pocket protectors in their short sleeve white shirts with clip-on ties, a holster on their belt for their slide rule, and a big white piece of tape on one corner of their thick black glasses just to idenify the source of this dribble...like in the olden days. At least back then...you knew who the nerds were.


Meredish Viera (yes, I said Mere-dish) will be a welcome breath of fresh air to The Today Show. I have always thought she was intelligent and very appealing, back from her days on West 57th (the 60 Minutes clone from 1985). I hope Katie does well on the CBS evening news, but she looked like a deer in the headlights her first show. Back to Meredith...btw, I never watched The View...sorry, she just didn’t seem to fit on a stage with a bunch of trite bitches who had nothing worthwhile to contribute, especially Star Jones and that old bat comedienne they had.


Does anyone truly give a damn about the recent rash of celebrity couple out of wedllock babies (especially the so-called TomCat creation)? More specifically, seeing the first pictures of them! My gosh, I am more entralled with pictures of a baby panda squirting out of Ling Ling, or Ping Ping, or Ping Pong...whatever their names are.


Some stores have their Christmas stuff out already...some for a month or more. That’s just not right!


Jim Carrey fired his long-time management team recently. Apparently the string of clinkers he offered us the past few years didn’t jive with his $20 million dollar per movie fee. It remains to be seen if he can “make a comeback”. Just like many others, Carrey has become a parody of himself in every flick.



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